Garden of Eden, 2012 - 2016

»The basis of my creation is a wish for visual presentation of things that I feel and things that I think about.« The state of nakedness in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam has always represented one of the problem cores of religion, cultural context/surroundings and consequently depiction/observation. Nakedness can be seen as a state of sacredness (nothing is concealed), purity and liberty on one side, and on the other, it can represent a field of moral questions and taboos. Consequently, the Western civilization has once more being questioned about several problematic positions: concealing-revealing, hiding-disclosing, freedom-bondage, private-public, acceptable-unacceptable, tolerant-prejudiced..., everything, however, being connected with the freedom of expression.


The series is connected to the Old Testament’s women principle in the Garden of Eden and the consequent expulsion from it. »I took pieces of clothing intended for covering the body and covered the sight. The view consequently turned, since I have hidden what has been disclosed and I have disclosed what has been concealed.«

Text: Matija Plevnik

Video is part of series Garden of Eden.

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